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Community based partnership with the CNY Veterans Outreach Center will bring new service to the Oneida County Public Market

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Oneida County is proud to announce a community-based partnership between the Oneida County Public Market and the Central New York Veterans Outreach Center that will make it possible to deliver additional services to those that visit the Mar...ket. Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente, Jr., said: "This win-win project helps two very important groups in our community: Our veterans and our farmers. By connecting the Veterans Center and the Public Market in this way, Veterans using benefits to which they are entitled will have access to locally grown, fresh nutritious food. Our local farmers, who have done such a great business at the Oneida County Public Market these past two years, will further increase their revenue from the Market. Bringing people together for the good of the community is one of the main objectives of my administration, and I am proud that we have yet again been able to serve the community."
Teresa Fava-Schram, Project Director at the Central New York Veterans Outreach Center states "Currently, our food pantry is only able to provide non-perishable food items. This new partnership will provide us the opportunity to link those Veterans who are receiving assistance through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to a valuable local resource that will allow them to supplement their diet with fresh locally grown fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy products. We also look forward to the possibility of providing nutritional workshops designed to educate our local Veteran population on the benefits of stretching those food dollars towards a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle."
"This partnership will make it possible for us to offer opportunities to those in our community who use the Electronic Benefits Transfer program. Enabling these program recipients to purchase fresh, healthy, locally grown foods for themselves and their families is directly related to the primary objectives of the Oneida County Public Market," stated Beth Irons, Market Manager. Increasing accessibility to locally grown and produced food items to support healthy eating, and fostering the relationship between the farmer and the consumer is what drives the efforts of the Oneida County Public Market. Irons added "Our veterans are unfortunately a growing group of community members needing help to get back into the flow of life after the military. They have served to protect our way of life, and deserve whatever we can do for them to help them through the transition."
The Oneida County Public Market is located in the former Railroad Express Agency Wing of Union Station. Built almost a century ago, the long, narrow structure served as a transfer building from the rails to local delivery for over fifty years. With the shift from rail to truck transport, use of the facility declined until it was closed in the 1960's. Redevelopment of the space began in 2011 with County Executive Anthony Picente's commitment to explore all possible alternatives to increase economic activity in the area. The Oneida County Public Market blends the needs of consumers with those of the region's long-standing agribusiness sector. The Market runs on Saturdays from 9:00am to 2:00pm. Visit www.oneidacountymarket.com or call 798-3639 for more information or to become a vendor.


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