About Us

Mission Statement

"To enrich the veteran's quality of life by providing supportive comprehensive services to all Veterans in need so they may successfully integrate back into the society to which they served, consequently enhancing the surrounding communities. We will devote our time to assist Veterans and their Families in multifaceted ways through strong collaboration and dedication of the professionals involved so that growth will occur."

The Utica Center for Development INC. (UCD)/ Central New York Veterans Outreach Center(CNYVOC) was formed to provide and conduct charitable, educational, social service, and housing services for those in need. The UCD/CNYVOC came to be developed by Vincent Scalise, an Iraqi/Afghanistan War Veteran who realized there was a lack of services for Veterans in Upstate New York.

CNYVOC is in the process of creating a resourceful, one stop facility in Utica for veterans residing throughout Central New York. When complete this facility would offer, among other services, transitional housing for homeless veterans with permanent housing for disabled and elderly veterans, plus a wide variety of other services. Click here to read a complete listing of services.


June 2007 - Work begins to form an agency to provided services to the local veteran population

February 2008 - The Utica Center for Development INC. (UCD)/Central New York Veteran's Outreach Center (CNYVOC) is incorporated as a Not for Profit.

September 2008 - The UCD/CNYVOC takes control of the former YMCA building at 726 Washington ST. Utica, NY 13502

December 2008 - Veterans Services are offered at the new "Central New York Veterans Outreach Center."

April 2009 - The UCD/CNYVOC is granted 501.3.c status from the IRS

August 2009 - First paid staff are employed to the agency through a grant from the Oneida and Herkimer Counties Community Foundation.

October 2009 - Property located at 726 Washington St. in Utica is donated to UCD/CNYVOC and title to the property is transferred to the agency.

November 2009 - Official grand opening of the UCD/CNYVOC is held in the newly constructed Bunker Cafe.

December 2009 to Present - Renovation continue to take place on the first floor, services are expanded, improvements to the infrastructure are made, construction of the new college access center begins, a wheelchair accessible transport van is donated to the center and provides transportation for veterans that need it, and 250 veterans are being served monthly.

May 2011 - Official kick-off for the Veterans Homelessness Prevention Demonstration (VHPD) program. And since it began over 500 individuals have either had their homelessness ended or prevented.

August 2011 - Two Major donations from the Polish League of American Veterans (PLAV) are recieved to complete reconstruction of the gym and portion of the roof.

April 2013- Executive Director Mr. Vincent Scalise is reappointed by the Board of Directors after returning from a Deployment to Afghanistan, and picks up where he left off. Agency starts to grow once again.

July 2013- UCD/CNYVOC is awarded the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) grant to run from 10/01/2013 to 9/30/2014

October 2013- Watertown office begins services.

November 2013 - 11/11/2013 Grand Re-Opening of Bunker internet cafe and the new Educational Annex.